About Us

ZoftPay is a digital e-payment company based on United Kingdom that offers safe, secure and reliable all-in-one payment solution that can help you grow and amplify your business. We open global opportunities with fully comprehensive and innovative solutions that will help your business achieve sustainable growth. Our service allows anyone to send and receive payment in any way they prefer anytime, anywhere. ZoftPay provides robust modern payment technology that lets you enjoy safe and seamless transactions backed by our certified anti-fraud system.
ZoftPay believes that digital payment should be easy and hassle-free. Apply today and start amplifying your business with us.

Why Choose Us

ZoftPay makes digital payment easier and hassle free by providing a safe and secure environment for you. Enjoy certified anti-fraud transactions and amplify your business with us. Your security is our commitment.

Our Mission

We shall generate safe and reliable payment processing solutions for online businesses globally. We shall deliver innovative solutions and services to meet our customer’s satisfaction. We shall implement collaborative and sustainable services for our customers to be our long-term partner as they start, grow, and amplify their businesses.

Our Vision

We envision being at the forefront of the e-payment industry for every online business. Recognizing the primacy of our customers, we shall help them by providing services which reach and surpass their expectations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to institute an ideal e-payment ecosystem on a global scale for both business owners and their customers, and to actualize both our vision and our mission. We live by our goal to simplify the way businesses process payments and to help merchants achieve sustainable business growth with us.

ZoftPay offers global opportunities, fully comprehensive solutions.

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