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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy.
The ZoftPay Privacy Policy lays out our terms and commitment to the merchant’s privacy and our policies established to secure and protect your personal information. This Privacy Policy applies only to information gained by this website; information demanded by any third party website will not be bound by our Privacy Policy. Upon the decision of using services provided by ZoftPay, you have automatically consented to the Privacy Policy laid by us, and by all rights allow us to collect, store , and utilize your personal information.

1. Information Collection.
Website will notify you of the following personal requirements:

• Personally identifiable information through the collection of your ID, Passport or Driver’s License.
• Personal Contact Details like private phone number, residential address, business address if any, email address, and other specific contact details.
• Financial Information to categorize your position as “High Risk” or “Low Risk” through personal bank details, bank statement and transaction records.

Before the final acceptance of your registration with ZoftPay, additional information may be required for clarity and further verification, including any personal or third party particulars.
Additional verification system during transactions is installed within the website; accessing device information and private passcodes will be required to secure the online transaction process and combat online fraud.

2. Security and Protection of Personal Information.
ZoftPay.Com operates via a secure network of multiple high-end servers, which ensures that all personal information acquired by the website is encrypted, securely transmitted to the central system, and reliably safeguarded by a complex security system operating both online and offline, and incorporating both physical and electronic safety measures. The sensitive information secured by our systems will only be available for the relevant employees for specific jobs and processing purposes, and will not under any circumstance will be sold to a non-relevant or third party server.

3. Using Personal Information.
Personal information stored in our database will only be used by us under the following circumstances:

• We want to reach you to provide the required customer support and contact for a follow up.
• To sent notification updates on the transaction process followed by you via ZoftPay.
• To resolve disputes regarding online processes and troubleshooting issues.
• We may reflect on your account’s progress to give us the ground for improvement and further planning to serve you better.

4. Sharing Personal Information.
ZoftPay may ask the registered merchants to deliver certain personal information, owing to account verification and privacy authentication. This process enables us to confirm the customer’s membership with ZoftPay before we permit to any forms of transaction, or provide validation to a third party on customer request. ZoftPay does not hold responsibility for any acts of infringement between you and another merchant’s Terms and Conditions, during an active process of transaction.

ZoftPay holds legal right to share your personal information with our affiliated and partnering financial institutions during joint collaborations. Personal ties with other relevant authorities will enable the provision of better customer service during acts of non-compliance, infringement, and violation of our Terms of Service, to maintain the integrity of our system and operations.

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