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ZoftPay provides the most efficient, secure way to carry out payment Service,
Merchant Acquiring, Ecommerce, Forex, Cross Border Payments, Crypto Exchange, Instant Settlement, Cross Border Banking, Payout Network, Remittance, our advanced platform supports same day Payments , Exchange & Settlements across a wide range of countries.

Easy Application and Approval

Application now made easier and hassle-free. Get approved without waiting in a long queue, and start accepting your Online Business payments from your customers!

Certified Anti-Fraud Transaction

Your security is our commitment. Together with our innovative technology and coercive fraud detection feature, we assure you a secure transaction to protect your data.

E-Commerce Payment System

It is easier to keep track of as you can check your payment transaction with just a click of a button with our advanced online payment processing system.

ZoftPay Offers a One-Stop Cross-Borders Solution

Robust Payment Management. ZoftPay Makes digital payments easier and hassle-free with ZoftPay. We provide safe and reliable platform for all your business needs. Enjoy fast, secured and easy digital payments all in the safety of your own room.

One-for-All Payment Method

Our payment solution is built with a single technical connection that lets us conform to our customers’ diverse payment preferences. Our platform is flexible and tailored for you and your customer’s needs and acquired taste.

Seamless Online Transaction

Start sending and receiving payments securely and track them through an online portal, regardless of your customers’ location. Tailored for you to receive and accept payments anytime, anywhere.


Our main focus is to provide a safe and reliable environment for our merchants put up their business online with ease. Letting you amplify your business with solutions that directly satisfy your business needs.

Global Connections

We will walk you through as you see your business grow and amplify. We work with different industries globally whose number keeps growing because of our top-notch services.

Industries We Work With.
ZoftPay.com is a platform that offers all-in-one payment solutions together with our sustainable and collaborative services that are tailored to connect your business with potential customers around the world. We work with a variety of industries and companies globally to provide a safe, fast and reliable services and solutions which will suit your business.

ZoftPay offers global opportunities, fully comprehensive solutions.

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