Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Information displayed on the webpage “ZoftPay.com” must not be copied, processed, modified, distributed, or shared for commercial use with third parties without official permission granted from the owner and management team of ZoftPay.com. We do not warrant, represent or guarantee that your use of our services will be secure, error-free or uninterrupted. Accuracy and reliability of the results obtained after the use of our services are also not warranted by us. All services provided by ZoftPay must be used at your own risk; the company must and will not be held liable for any loss.

Prohibited Uses
his website is owned and operated by ZoftPay.com and contains material in complete terms, or in specific parts, acquired and provided by ZoftPay.com solely. The website allows no copyright claims; the information used by the website must not be subject to copying, modification, republishing, upload, posting, distribution, sharing, or transmission for any purpose whatsoever. Information from this website must only be downloaded for personal or non-commercial uses, after mandatorily mentioning the exclusive copyright claim or other proprietary claims when necessary.
All warranties, endorsements or representations in relevance to any merchandise, personal information, services, software, or products provided via internet are disclaimed by IPatmtc.com. However, we reserve your right to reproduce information submitted by you to ZoftPay via the website’s feedback utilities, and without any possible restrictions. All content material and images contained in this website is the sole property of ZoftPay, and we extent no copyright claims.

Liability Disclaimer.
All content, information, system function, and website design is subject to free periodic changes with or without any notice of the changes displayed at ZoftPay discretion. Your access to this website or your use of the services provided by us subsequent to the visible changes will be considered as your willing acceptance to such changes. ZoftPay does not represent as providers of personal endorsement or recommendation for the sales of any product or services posted on this website, and under no circumstance will be held liable for potential damage or consequential loss at the use of the website’s services.

Prohibited Products & Services
ZoftPay.com does not support any website or business that promote, encourage, and engage in the following activities:
• Pornography Child abuse and trafficking.
• Weapons protective equipment dealing trading.
• Psychotropic substances and poisons Dangerous drugs.
• Jewelry Gold Dimonds.
• love spells, spells and other items related to occult themes.
• Animal cruelty.
• Violation of human rights and inhumane acts.
• Disturbance to world peace.
• Anti-religious and anti-government sentiments.
• Any products/services deemed illegal by the respective acquiring Banks.

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