Frequent Asking Questions.

Ans : 3D secure (3DS) is an XML-based protocol developed specially to combat online credit card fraud. This system was built by Visa and Master card, and acts as an additional layer of security to protect online credit and debit card transactions, whereby cardholders are required to provide an extra verification password to authenticate their identity prior to any transaction. The 3D security feature of your Merchant account guarantees protection of your transactions.
Ans : Direct Account is made specifically for an individual business or a person managing the business. Therefore, only the account holder can determine and create the descriptions on the account’s statements. A Sponsored / Aggregate Account is an account shared between merchants within the same industry.
Ans : No, we don’t set a minimum contract. However, merchants are required to give us 2 weeks of notice should they decide to terminate their account.
Ans : We will send you a list of requirements for compliance, along with our price quotation once your website has been pre-approved.
Ans : Low risk businesses include regular retail and online trading businesses. On the other hand, ZoftPay.com defines high risk businesses as those involving adult entertainment, travel, pharmacies, online casinos and gaming, cigarettes and tobacco products, replica products, online auctions and debt services, online dating, e- wallet and E-cash, IPS, and hosting services. High risk businesses are normally charged with higher charge back and refund rates.
Ans : To change the registered nature of your business, merchants are advised to inform their respective account manager and provide the necessary information for the change. However, depending on the changes to be made, a different set of rates and fees may apply.
Ans : Please refer to our services page.
Ans : ZoftPay.com offers direct wire transfer to your bank account & crypto payment method.
A: Yes, we accept major currencies. However, our payouts will be in USD
Ans : ZoftPay.com does not support any website or business that promote, encourage, and engage in the following activities:
Pornography Child abuse and trafficking.
Weapons protective equipment dealing trading.
Psychotropic substances and poisons Dangerous drugs.
Jewelry Gold Dimonds.
love spells, spells and other items related to occult themes.
Animal cruelty.
Violation of human rights and inhumane acts.
Disturbance to world peace.
Anti-religious and anti-government sentiments.
Any products/services deemed illegal by the respective acquiring Banks.
Ans : Below is the list of transactions to which various charges may apply: Merchant discount rate (MDR) – per transaction
Gateway fee – per transaction
Fraud scrubbing costs – per transaction
Refund – incurred fee, where applicable
Charge back – incurred fee, where applicable
Statement and wire fee – per payout.
Setup fee – lump Sum (will be deducted from the merchant’s first payout)
Ans : For low/High risk online merchants, each case will be handled separately based on the discretion of your ZoftPay.com account manager. Anchor For client’s deemed high risk by our partnering banks, the minimum payout will be USD 5,000. If, at any week, the payout volume is lower than USD 5,000, the amount will be carried over to the next payment week. Regular e-commerce merchants do not have a limit to their payouts.
Ans : Typically, an initial payment will be transferred 14 days after the close of the statement week. All subsequent payments will be paid weekly.
Should any irregularity or suspicious activity arise from a merchant account without prior notification, ZoftPay.com reserves the right to put such merchants on a monitored payment schedule.
Ans : For every transaction made, 10% of the total amount will be held and kept by a secure third party partner as a deposit. This amount can be refunded after 180 days.
This is done to ensure ZoftPay.com is protected from any unforeseen circumstances taking place, which may jeopardize the integrity of ZoftPay.com, such as cases of bankruptcy or fraud.
Ans : Below are several common reasons which cause a payment to be delayed:
Your bank account number is not in the IBAN format.
Your account is suspected of irregular or fraudulent activity.
There exists a routing delay between your bank and ours.
A high amount of fluctuation in sales may cause irregular payments.
Additional security measures are required due to the nature of your business.
Should you still experience delay in payments after rectifying the above problems, please contact our Payments Department for follow up.
Ans : At ZoftPay.com, we closely monitor our network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We invest in state-of-the-art technology, tools, and equipment to ensure that we provide high-performance and efficient system every time. This efficiency enables us to respond immediately to any ambiguity or suspicious threats to ensure the security and safety of our partners.
A: Yes. Our built in anti-fraud system is highly effective in detecting any signs of unusual patterns or fraudulent transactions and will instantly take action to ensure such transactions are blocked from progressing. We offer this service free of charge to all partnering merchants.
Our anti-fraud system ranks suspicious transactions according to a score range of 0-10. The higher the score, the higher the risk. By default, transactions with a score of 10 will be automatically be blocked; however, with our flexible system, ZoftPay.com allows you to customize your security system according to your preferences which can be monitored via the ZoftPay.com merchant channel.
Ans : Yes, we offer FREE technical support during the integration phase and beyond. However, ZoftPay.com does provide support with custom software development and IT integration.
A: We welcome businesses to partner with ZoftPay.com for their ePaymentservice’s needs. To get started, complete and submit the merchant pre-check form. We will then review your submission, and notify you for the nest steps. It takes approximately a week to set up your merchant account with ZoftPay.com.
A: Yes. We support major shopping cart network and providers.

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