Bank Transfer

Fast, Safe and Efficient Payment Gateway

Market Integration

World financial e-commerce market is highly integrated nowadays. In order for your business to keep up with this integration, bank transfer payment solution is the key to a robust financial e-commerce infrastructure. Enjoy fast, safe and efficient payment gateway here at ZoftPay. Grow and amplify your business globally by utilizing Banking Market Integration.

Authenticated Transactions

Bank transfer transactions assure customers that their payments are safely used, since each transaction needs to be authenticated and approved first by the customer’s banking credentials before a transaction goes through. ZoftPay generates an increasingly sophisticated and innovative platform that values the primacy of your business as well as your customer’s needs.

Multi-currency Support

Expand your business by using our global, multi-currency payment gateway. Access transactions easily and safely in our innovative dashboard. ZoftPay supports merchants across the globe with multi-currency options relative to the preference of your customer. No matter which is currency is used, ZoftPay can manage and process your business transactions.

Committed Support

Our goal is to reach and surpass the expectations of our customers by providing innovative solutions and reliable services. The support team at ZoftPay's offers a committed and reliable customer service and technical support. When in doubt or if you have clarifications and troubleshooting needs, our expert support team is more than happy to assist you.

Bank Transfer Payments for your E-Commerce Business

Easier cross-border payments via Bank Transfer that supports SEPA & Direct Debit options for a fast
safe & efficient payment solution for your business.

Bank Transfer
Every Thing You Need To Know.

Wire transfer, direct debit and bank transfer payment solutions make your business stand out in the e-commerce business

  • Amplify your business earnings by using bank transfer method that is widely-used by customers worldwide.
  • Innovative and easy to use payment gateway that supports multi-currency transactions.
  • Hassle-free, time-efficient and worriless transactions made with our highly secure and reliable payment gateway provider.
  • Integrate confidence in the growth of your business globally. Boost sales and availability of your business in a global scale.

Global E-Payment Gateway Provider For All Your Business Merchants & Customers’ Needs

Pay, Send, and Receive For Your Ecommerce Business, Payments In A Matter Of Minutes!
Easy, Secure & Hassle-Free Transactions.

24/7 Support

Our customer service and technical support is 100% responsive, always happy to assist you.

Global Compatibility

Pay Send and Receive payment anytime, anywhere. Borderless transactions.

Secure Enterprise Payment Gateway

Advanced fraud detection feature for a worry-less business transaction.

Diverse Payment Solutions

Our payment solution is flexible and tailored for all business needs and preference.

ZoftPay offers global opportunities, fully comprehensive solutions.

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