Alternative Payments

Boost your E-Commerce Business with Alternative Payments Methods

Amplify to New Markets

Offer a wider range of variety to amplify the global scope of your business.
Keep up with the latest payment technology gateway and give customers the freedom to choose the payment option they prefer.
Expanding your business in the global market by offering alternatives is the easiest way to attract new customers.

Endless Possibilities

Accept all payments for your online business. Giving you a variety of alternatives to choose from as your desired payment gateway for your business. Endless possibilities await as you open your business for more global opportunities. Cross-borders, multi-currency and reliable payment solution suitable for the growth of your business

Trusted Payment Provider

Alternative Payment solution provided by ZoftPay offers both convenience & security. Business merchants simplify the customer’s transaction by offering the most trusted payment service provider. Let's your business get valued trust from your customers worldwide by giving alternative payment solutions to accept payments globally in multiple currencies.

Committed Support

Our goal is to reach and surpass the expectations of our customers by providing innovative solutions and reliable services. The support team at ZoftPay offers a committed and reliable customer service and technical support. When in doubt or if you have clarifications, our expert support team is more than happy to assist you.

Alternative Payment Solutions for your E-Commerce Business Transactions

Our solutions are tailored to amplify your business in a global scale. Multi-currency and borderless.

Alternative Payments
Every Thing You Need To Know.

Amplify your revenue and market with the complete set of alternative payment solutions tailored for your e-commerce business.

  • Maximize revenue of your business by utilizing alternative payment options familiar to your consumer.
  • Real-time online payment solution that lets you accept all your payments for your online business hassle-free
  • Benefit your business by localizing it to global markets. Let merchants grow their business locally and globally.
  • Optimize conversion rate of your e-commerce business by integrating cross-borders, multi-currency and reliable alternative payment solutions.

Global E-Payment Gateway Provider For All Your Business Merchants & Customers’ Needs

Pay, Send, and Receive For Your Ecommerce Business ,Payments In A Matter Of Minutes!
Easy, Secure & Hassle-Free Transactions.

24/7 Support

Our customer service and technical support is 100% responsive, always happy to assist you.

Global Compatibility

Send and receive payment anytime, anywhere. Borderless transactions.

Secure Enterprise Payment Gateway

Advanced fraud detection feature for a worry-less business transaction.

Diverse Payment Solutions

Our payment solution is flexible and tailored for all business needs and preference.

ZoftPay offers global opportunities, fully comprehensive solutions.

Have access to updates and solutions. Ask a question.

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