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Safe and Secure Transactions

Our payment solution is backed by a safe system with robust fraud detection features, enabling you to enjoy a high-level of security for your buyers’ sensitive financial data.

E-commerce Payment Solution

Grow your online store and get ahead of the competition by installing a safe, secure, and advanced online payment processing system that easily accept customer payments.

ZoftPay Offers Digital Payment Solutions

Robust Payment Management

ZoftPay offers a safe, reliable, and all-in-one payment solution that can grow and scale your online business wherever your customers are located in the world. We cater to both small and big merchants who want to offer secure and robust online payment to their customers.

Multiple Payment Options

To accommodate your customers’ different payment preferences, our payment solution is built with one single technical connection, linking your customers via multiple e-Commerce payment methods, including all major cards, online payment gateways, and instant bank transfers.

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Easy Integration

ZoftPay utilizes API-based technology that promotes fast, easy, and seamless integration.


Our powerful payment solutions make it easy for merchants to put their business online.

"Accept Payments From Anyone, AnyWhere. "

Industries We Work With is not just your partner in payment processing; our solutions are designed to connect your business with potential customers all over the world. We work with different industries whose number keeps growing because of our top-notch services. We support online stores, marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.

Why Choose Us?

ZoftPay focuses on providing a secure environment for our merchants as we work with advanced anti-fraud systems that protect your data.

Our vision is to become the industry’s leading payment gateway for every online business, helping them maximize their operational efficiency, productivity, and global opportunities.

Our mission is to provide a secure, reliable, and fully comprehensive payment processing solutions for online businesses and merchants throughout the globe. Through this pursuit, we strive to be a long-term partner of business owners as they start, grow, and scale their businesses.

To realize both our vision and our mission, we live by our goal to continually simplify the way businesses process payments to and from their customers. Our aim is to help merchants grow and scale their businesses by providing safe, secure, and seamless solutions for digital payment processing and management.

We Are Truly Global

ZoftPay International Payment Gateway.

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